Hi guys, I have recently discovered Instagram, and I though I would share with you my recent pictures that I have shared šŸ™‚     This picture is taken from my house. I love this picture because it never fails to show me how much I love New Zealand nature and how truly beautiful it […]

the Great Book Reading Mission of Krash Bandikoot

One thing I have failed to mention since I have taken up blogging again, is that I have taken on a mission of reading all 100 books on the Whitcoulls Top 100 books. The idea had come to me when I was visiting the Whitcoulls in the Westfield mall in Chartwell, Hamilton. I happened to […]

Christmas 2012 / Christmas Gift Ideas

Like many people, I’m making the mad dash to get ready for Christmas. In doing my research for this post, I stumbled across the New Zealand website Sale Finder, which is looking promising to me for finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones this year :). This websiteĀ collatesĀ storeĀ uncataloguedĀ from 40 different retailers in New Zealand, […]


So, I went to see James Bond Skyfall on Thursday. I’d been very much excited for seeing this movie for quite some time before its New Zealand release, and I can legit say that it has lived up to my expectations ;). At the beginning of the film, the shit completely hits the fan when […]

Sorry Guys :(

Hi everyone, Sorry for ducking out on you all again šŸ˜¦ . Things have been really hectic over the past few months with University studies and just the troublesome life stuff but I am back now and I am better than ever šŸ˜€ What’s been new with me? Well, I’ve finished up Uni for the […]

New Zealand at the Olympics

So far New Zealand has had a reasonably successful showing in the early days of the London 2012 Olympic Games. So far we’ve recievedĀ a Bronze medal in the Team Eventing Equestrian, a Bronze medal in the Women’s Pair Rowing, and overnight we recievedĀ our first Gold medal in the Men’s Double Sculls rowing! YAY SO EXCITED! […]

Guess who’s back?!

Ok, so I think that a few months has been long enough for me to be away haha, and I’ve spent a few days thinking about what my welcome back post should be about. Upon this thought, I’d thought I’d share with you all some of the awesome culinary related items that I’ve discovered during […]