First Day of Work

So I had my first day my Summer job today. The women, R, who lives down the road from me grows strawberries and has kindly offered me some casual work helping her pick strawberries Best part about this job, is that you even get to ‘sample’ the produce while your picking before they go off […]

Guess who’s back?!

Ok, so I think that a few months has been long enough for me to be away haha, and I’ve spent a few days thinking about what my welcome back post should be about. Upon this thought, I’d thought I’d share with you all some of the awesome culinary related items that I’ve discovered during […]

Baking :D

Baking :D

All my life I’ve been a big fan of all things culinary. I’m a Bronze Medal winner at the 2008 Waikato Culinary Fare. I even went as far as auditioning for New Zealand Masterchef Season 3. Much is my love for baking, that I often spend my time either thinking up new recipes or googling new recipes. Whilst on my inteweb journeys, I came across this cake, which I’m very much keen to try and replicate 😀