the Great Book Reading Mission of Krash Bandikoot

One thing I have failed to mention since I have taken up blogging again, is that I have taken on a mission of reading all 100 books on the Whitcoulls Top 100 books. The idea had come to me when I was visiting the Whitcoulls in the Westfield mall in Chartwell, Hamilton. I happened to […]

Christmas Cards

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be getting into the whole Christmas Card thing. To be honest, I am no different. I have used the option of ordering printed Christmas Cards this year. Vistaprint has some fantastic Christmas Cards (as well as a variety of different greeting cards). This website can also be […]

Sorry Guys :(

Hi everyone, Sorry for ducking out on you all again đŸ˜¦ . Things have been really hectic over the past few months with University studies and just the troublesome life stuff but I am back now and I am better than ever đŸ˜€ What’s been new with me? Well, I’ve finished up Uni for the […]