So, I went to see James Bond Skyfall on Thursday. I’d been very much excited for seeing this movie for quite some time before its New Zealand release, and I can legit say that it has lived up to my expectations ;).

At the beginning of the film, the shit completely hits the fan when M (played by Judi Dench) has to face up and justify her decision to authorize the shot (fired by Eve) that was meant for bad guy Patrice (who had stolen a computer hard drive with the identities of all MI6 agents). Eve shoots, and ends up killing Blond-Guy-Bond (Played by Daniel Craig in his third appearance as James Bond) instead, who goes into retirement, but is presumed dead.

Just to go on a tangent for one sec, I found this quite funny.


Anyways, Someone gets hold of the hard drive info, and uses it to blow up the headquarters of MI6, much to M’s dismay. Pretty much what you’d expect from a James Bond movie, with all the bang bangs and  beautiful ladies (with Bérénice Marlohe as Severine, and Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny) and Judi Dench appearing in her final James Bond movie as M, with Ralph Fiennes taking over the reins of M, having played Gareth Mallory up until that point.

I quite enjoyed this movie, and I think if your a James Bond fan, you would enjoy it too.

Do make a point of checking out Adele’s theme song of the same name.


Movie: **** 1/2

Song: **** 1/2


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