New School Year!

Hello everyone,

Well the new school year is almost upon us! Well, for Tertiary students it’s almost here, but if you are in good ol’ high school, you’re already back *tear*. Anyways, for the tertiary students, there’s the expense of student loans, text books and that awesome new pen that you simply couldn’t leave at the store! But for the upcoming academic year, I though I should share some things that are a must for a new school year (including some from my own school bag)!

iPadA few things from my own school bag, is a tablet. Among the most popular is the Apple iPad. While you can get several reasonably priced tablet computers, whether they be iOS or Android, iPad certainly is the most popular among the ‘brand snobs’ out there. Personally I am an Android person myself, but I can see why the iProducts are so popular, especially since that Apple are doing a special deal on at the moment where students returning to university can receive a voucher to spend on apps, music , audio books, or movies if you purchase an Apple product. Definitely worth checking out ;).




Another ‘Must-Have’ is a trusty back pack. If you’re on the tablet computer pathway, then you only need a small one, as there’s no point lugging around a huge back when you don’t have a ton of books to lug around ;).










There are a variety of other stationery that you could use whilst at university, and there are certainly some cute stuff around to use. My favourite stores are certainly Smiggle and Kikki K. Smiggle is probably got stuff for a younger audience (probably more for high school students), while Kikki K is more for a more mature audience. The most important stuff is the diary, for recording the dates for important tests and assignment deadlines, and pens, because there’s no way you’re going to be able to write all of this down without a funky cool pen ;).

Stay tuned for my next post, as I’ll be doing a run down on some of my favorite apps to use on your Smart Device 😉

See you soon!

~ Krash

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