Christmas 2012 / Christmas Gift Ideas

Like many people, I’m making the mad dash to get ready for Christmas. In doing my research for this post, I stumbled across the New Zealand website Sale Finder, which is looking promising to me for finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones this year :).

This website collates store uncatalogued from 40 different retailers in New Zealand, from Postie Plus to K Mart, Pascoes Jewelry to Baby City, and Stevens Home and Giving to Life Pharmacy. I don’t think I’m going to be stuck for ideas this Christmas!

I have an 8 year old girl and a 6 year old boy to buy for this year, and I was browsing through the toy section of this website when I stumbled across this:

Barbie Sleepover Kit

I’m surprised that Barbie Dolls, and related items, are still as popular as they were when I was an 8 year old little girl. Given that these are still popular, my best guess is that Barbie Dolls are still a good guess for any little girl :). This, or common sense tells me that anything to do with these guys will be a hit:

One Direction

Anything to do with boy band One Direction seems to be a big hit with young girls right now 😉

Also, anything to do with this young man Justin Bieber here still seems to be popular 😉

Items from any of these marketable young men will surely be a hit with any young lady you have to buy for this Christmas.

I also have a young Master Six to buy for this year, and he is absolutely obsessed with Moshi Monsters at the moment. A quick search on Sale Finder didn’t fail me when this came up:

Um, I’m not entirely sure what this is, but the advertisement says it is a ‘Moshi Monsters Blister Pack’, but that offers no explanation to me what it actually is. Hmm….

For me? Well, I’m a bit of an oddball when it comes to gifts. I love anything that I can cook delicious meals in or use to make myself look/feel good. Stevens is actually one of my favourite stores ever, and I never fail to find something that I would consider sacrificing a limb for, such as this:


Who doesn’t like cake, right?

But if you happen to be a New Zealand resident, Do give Sale Finder a thought. You never know what Christmas presents you might find for your Young Lady, Little Man, Significant Other or the Mummies and Daddies in your life.

~Krash xx



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