Guess who’s back?!

Ok, so I think that a few months has been long enough for me to be away haha, and I’ve spent a few days thinking about what my welcome back post should be about. Upon this thought, I’d thought I’d share with you all some of the awesome culinary related items that I’ve discovered during the last little while 🙂

Muffin Measuring Spoons from Stevens

Here are some awesome as measuring spoons in the shape of muffins. I think these are pretty cool because if you know me, you know that I’m very fond of baking (muffins in particular 🙂 ). These are currently on sale at Stevens for NZ$5.99 so I might have to get in quick 🙂

Just because Ninja’s are totally awesome :P. These are on sale at Stevens for NZ$13.99. (Just remember the number one rule of the Top Secret Ninja Society. You never talk about the Top Secret Ninja Society ;))

I decided to include these because, being the proud New Zealander that I am, I thought that I’d show these off with the intention of using them in my own way of supporting my country at the London 2012 Olympic Games. We’re gong to completely tear it up over there 😉 but I think that posting about sport can be for another day lol considering that there’s plenty of sport to blog about now :). Been a big few weeks in New Zealand Sport.

There are many things that didn’t quite make the cut for this post, but I’m sure that I’ll get around to mentioning them sometime in the near future :).

Ta Ta for now and don’t fret that I won’t be back 🙂

*Frantically waves goodbye*


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