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This has got to be my most ironic post (especially following my previous one), my most controversial post, or perhaps my most naive post. As I posted in my Favorite Quotes blog, I’m not too impressed with the human race these days. Frankly, I’m concerned. And watching the news doesn’t help. Lately…

Microsoft Phone Scam

about 20 minutes ago, we received a phone call asking for my father. The call was from ‘Microsoft Service Department’, offering us free updates for our computer. After my brother receiving a similar phone call about 6 months ago at home, we were on high alert. Creepily enough, the first time they called when my […]

Justice and Comparisons

There has been a lot of talk on the social networking website Twitter, comparing the death of American teenager Treyvon Martin to reality TV star Kim Kardashian being flour bombed at an event to promote her new perfume. There are those who are complaining about how George Zimmerman has not been charged with the murder […]