Hi guys,

I have recently discovered Instagram, and I though I would share with you my recent pictures that I have shared 🙂




This picture is taken from my house. I love this picture because it never fails to show me how much I love New Zealand nature and how truly beautiful it is here in the Land of the Long White Cloud :).








This picture is of me and my best friend Emma at our Graduation Ball 🙂









I love this picture, because it reminds me of a favourite New Zealand past time, of having a glass of wine during the New Zealand Summer. I thought that the blurring and the filter that I used really shows off the sunlight coming through the windows to show what a lovely day that it was 🙂








This is my dog, Joey. He’s really got into the Christmas Spirit with his reindeer antlers lol 🙂








IMG_20121212_191943This is my cat, Florence (My mother decided to name her after Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine). She loves to perch herself up on the window sill and gaze out at the world, but she was not all that impressed that I was disrupting her ‘alone time’ lol.








IMG_20121212_172924This is a decoration on our Christmas tree. She’s supposed to be playing the vilin, but when I took the photo and had a look at it, I noticed that the fairy lights on the tree made the bow of her violin look like a glowing fairy wand lol.









IMG_20121212_192638This is an awesome Kingfisher pillow that I have on my bed at home. I didn’t take it for any reason other than boredom and my addiction to my new Smartphone











~ Krash xx



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