Best Android App Awards – Krash Bandikoot style ;)

Hello and Welcome 😉


And here we find a run down of the Krash Bandikoot best Android Apps 😉

Most Addictive Gameplay – Happy Poo Fall

Happy Poo FallHappy Poo Fall is actually something that I came across by accident. I was browsing for something fun and simple to play, and stumbled upon this. My thoughts were, that it was free and if I didn’t like it then I could simply uninstall it, right? I am yet to uninstall this app, and is a super-massive hit with my man friend’s younger siblings. Like many of the most popular smart device apps around such as Temple Run and Angry Birds, the concept “.is simple but entertaining. All you have to do is complete set out goals such as ‘Earn *insert number here* points without collecting any gold’ and ‘Stay close to the bottom for *insert number here* points.






Best Travel Buddy – Waze

Waze Waze is a fantastic social GPS application that allows the user to make traffic reports, such as heavy traffic, Police, Accidents, Hazards, and Speed Cameras. As you drive and make reports, you also accumulate points, which in turn allow you to receive rankings among the world and your country on an all time basis and a weekly basis. The higher your ranking and the more points you receive, the greater influence your traffic reports have on real time routing for the GPS feature.





Best News and Current Events – New Zealand Herald

New Zealand HeraldThe New Zealand Herald app is a wonderful little news app, but without letting the annoying advertisements get in the way of your reading pleasure. Clean and easy to use. Much better than app.









Best App To Have Little to No Real Practical Purpose – The Night Sky

the night skyWhile it’s cool to know where all of the constellations and planets are at any given moment, it’s really going to serve you no purpose to know where they are. It’s cool to be able to tell your friends where ‘Uranus‘ is, though.





Best App for Those Who Frequently Forget their Grocery List – Out Of Milk

Out Of MilkOut Of Milk is for those who regularly remember the ‘important’ things, like keys, cellphone, wallet, etc. when they go out, but can’t seem to remember to bring the grocery list with them. Awesome features where you can scan the bar codes of items in your pantry and share your list with others with the app.




Best ‘Who Comes Up With This Stuff’ App – Ninja Chicken

Ninja ChickenHow I came across this app, and what possessed me to install continually escapes me, but By Golly, do I just love it! Whoever thought up a game where a chicken with a sock for a ninja mask battles against hay bales, pitchforks and dogs being shot out of cannons must’ve been in a very weird headspace, but nonetheless, it is a very addictive game where it’s a constant struggle to put it down. Playing on silent mode is a no-no, as the music and sound effects make it all the more funny to play!  The sequel, Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga, is also worth a shot







This is all for now, but once I’ve trialed-and-errored a few more practical apps for smart phones, I’ll let you all know 😉

Until next time!




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