Baking :D

Baking :D

All my life I’ve been a big fan of all things culinary. I’m a Bronze Medal winner at the 2008 Waikato Culinary Fare. I even went as far as auditioning for New Zealand Masterchef Season 3. Much is my love for baking, that I often spend my time either thinking up new recipes or googling new recipes. Whilst on my inteweb journeys, I came across this cake, which I’m very much keen to try and replicate 😀


7 thoughts on “Baking :D

    • As much as I would love that, I need a half decent oven to work with lol. The oven at home doesn’t work so well and isn’t so good for making muffins or anything lol. When I can find a flat in Hamilton I might just do this though

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