Chiefs v Sharks Super 15 Final

So this weekend is the Investec Super 15 final. the Waikato Chiefs have made it a fantastic season including a 43125234532 game winning streak during the season (extreme exageration of winning streak may apply) and seek to make it a Chiefs/Magic double (after the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Magic won the ANZ Championship this season. Please see Twitter hashtag #ChiefsMagicDouble for more info or follow @ChiefsRugby to get more info about this weekends game).

After the Cape Town Stormers and the Waikato Chiefs both recieved byes in the first stage of the play offs in the Super 15, having ended the season first and second on the table respectively, they were granted automatic entry into the Semi-Finals, with the Chiefs going on to play the Canterbury Crusaders and the Stormers going on to play the Durban Sharks.

The first semi-final, played at Waikato Stadium in Hamilton between the Waikato Chiefs and the Canterbury Crusaders, was a tightly contested match, which was tightly contested match, with the Chiefs edging the Crusaders 20-17 to make it to the final (get the official match report here). The second semi-final was played in Cape Town, South Africa between the Cape Town Stormers and the Durban Sharks. The location of the final depended on the outcome of this match, as the Stormers would recieve the home final if they could win the Semi-Final (as a result of the Stormers finished the season higher on the table than the Chiefs), but the Chiefs would get the home semi final if the Sharks won (with the Sharks having finished lower on the table than the Chiefs). The Stormers went down to the Sharks with the final score being 26-19 (full match report here), meaning that the Chiefs are playing in front of a sold out crowd (More about that in a bit) but I’m sad that I didn’t get tickets :(. Oh well, it’s off to my friend’s place to watch the game on TV for me! lol

But the big controversy about this game is the fact that the Ticket Direct server simply could not handle the high demand for tickets for the game. Ticket Direct has recieved many angry messages from dissapointed Chiefs fans who had missed out on tickets because of the server meltdown, and due to the ticket skelpers, the Waikato Chiefs are threating to block skelped tickets so they can keep people out who are going to pay shitty prices like $1010 for 4 tickets worth $20 each.

In summary,

  • Chiefs get home ground advantage (follow them on Twitter @ChiefsRugby)
  • Ticket skelping is BAD! (Naughty Skelpers!)
  • Chiefs to win by 12 or less

2 thoughts on “Chiefs v Sharks Super 15 Final

  1. Sharks certainly have the talent on paper to make this game a close one, but if they want this game, they’ll need a fifteen point lead going into the last quarter.

    Their selection of Jordaan at 12 is a tad weird, but I suppose Plum might make last minute changes, just as he did by choosing Riaan Viljoen at the last minute against the Stormers instead of Meyer Bosman

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