My Treatment (Finally)

Today has been a funny old day. I’ve only managed to attend one class today because of how under the weather I’ve been feeling lately. So under the weather in fact, that I took my lovely boyfriend’s advice and took myself off to Accident and Medical to get my ear checked out. It had been quite sore for a few days, but today it took a turn for the worse so a visit to the doctor was necessary in order to get it sorted out once and for all, as it had been feeling quite sore today, to the point where the whole side of my head was throbbing :(. Didn’t take me long to get seen by the doctors, and didn’t take long for him to tell me that I need another course of antibiotics :(.

Then this afternoon after returning home from Accident and Emergency, I received a phone call from one of the nurses at the medical center I go to. After feeling under the weather for so long, I’d finally got the call to tell me what I already knew – that my iron levels are absolutely through the roof. Because of how bad things were, something needed to be done about it. After I had a little chat with the nurse, she recommended that I come in and have what is called a venesection. A venesection is used to treat my Haemochromatosis, and by doing so will help to keep my iron levels under control. It was highly important that I went and got the blood taken off as soon as possible, as my iron levels were almost as high as they were when I was first diagnosed, and at that stage I was so unwell that I was having plenty of time off school due to illness, as I was picking up nearly almost every cold and flu going around at the time, to go along with the constant passing out because of my body completely spazzing out because of my Iron levels being as bad as they were.

The process of venesection is simple enough procedure. In fact, it’s just the procedure that one would go through to make a blood donation (on a side note, many more people should donate blood. Just one blood donation can save up to three lives :D). The only difference between venesection and blood donation is that the blood drawn from a venesection isn’t used for any purpose at all, unlike the blood drawn for blood donation. The blood that is taken after venesection is just disposed of safely. Only bad thing about it is how thick the needle is that they use for it 😦 .

Now I have a lovely sore arm to go with my lovely sore ear :(.


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