‘But you don’t LOOK sick . . . . .’

Today, I went to get my 3 monthly blood tests. These are necessary for the monitoring of my health condition haemochromatosis. Haemochromatosis is a blood condition and is otherwise known as Iron Overload, which is pretty self explanatory, as this medical condition is simply to do with there being too much Iron in one’s bloodstream. I was diagnosed when I was 15, when I was struggling with schoolwork after I was requiring so much time away from school due to illness. As many people don’t know the facts about this illness, there are lot of myths around it and even more people pretending that they know how to make life a little more bearable for those who have it.

First of all everyone, NO, exercise doesn’t help the fatigue I get from having this illness. It might help for those of you who are healthy, but for people like myself, exercise only helps me feel even more tired and sometimes even provides me with lovely joint pain to accompany my fatigue. Second of all, it’s a lot harder to manage than just a good diet and a good nights sleep. If my condition was that easy to manage, there wouldn’t be any problem, would there?

It’s always so easy to judge people when you don’t completely understand they’re going through. Many people suffer from such invisible diseases, such as Haemochromatosis, Eating Disorders, Arthritis, etc. but because you can’t see that they’re sick, it’s hard to understand what they’re going through. Taking into account that there is no way off telling what someone is going through when they have an invisible disease, you shouldn’t really pretend that you know and understand what they are going through. Particularly so, if you’ve never actually been through something similar. It’s all well and good pretending that you know and understand what they’ve going through, but when you pretend you know better than they do is something different. Please don’t pretend that you know better, because knowledge is experience, and if you haven’t experienced it for yourself , don’t pretend you know everything.


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