the AVENGERS!!!! (Iron Man to be more specific)

I am totally excited to go off and see the Avengers movie next week. Some of my favorite movies in recent years have included the members of the Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Nick Fury, etc.) and was very excited to see people dressed up as these characters at last weekend’s Armageddon expo.

Iron Man

There are certainly some fantastic characters in this movie. My favorite for sure would have to be Iron Man. Iron Man is set on the premise of the intelligent, yet persistently womanizing wonderkid Tony Stark who’s taken over his father’s business Stark Industries (a weapons and defense technology company). Tony Stark heads off to Afghanistan to demonstrate his latest missile, he’s captured after receiving critical injuries in a bomb attack on their convoy. Due to his injuries, his body taken on a lot of shrapnel but a friend of his invents a special chest plate to prevent the shrapnel from traveling all the way to his heart, which will most certainly kill him.

While he was captured, he builds an arc reactor with his friend to go with the suit that he had build a suit of armor in order to escape from capture in Afghanistan. Others had tried and failed to replicate the technology he had created ‘in a hole with a bucket of scraps!’.

I’m rather excited to see Iron Man and how he interacts with his fellow Avengers. In my mind, Marvel Studios have made a pretty decent show of the each individual Avengers so far, and I would love to see the next stage in the story and where they take it.


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