Why should we read more books?


books (Photo credit: brody4)

I’ve been a life long lover of the written word. Some of my earliest memories involve my mother reading the classics to me (the Very Hungry Caterpillar, the Little Yellow Digger, the Hairy McLary series, Ka Pai Kiwi, Spot the Dog, etc) before I went to bed every night. These were some of my favourite times growing up, simply because of how much I enjoyed reading. As I got older and got an internet connection, I started getting interested in the websites of our local and national newspapers. There are many newspapers that have their own websites now, and are more accessible than a hard copy newspaper, (plus costs quite a bit less also). The great thing about reading books, is whether you enjoy a good romance, a good laugh, or a good cry, there is something out there to suit everybody’s needs. Although it can be difficult finding a really good book, it’s quite important to keep up with looking for a good book as it can be the basis of a lot of entertainment and stress relief in your life.

A quick Google search of ‘Why should people read?’ turned out many interesting articles on the importance of reading, and also about how to find the time to read for those of us who with time constraints. This article, for example, makes some very valid points about the benefits of reading, many of which I do myself. Reading can be a good way to tune out of the world, which in itself is an ideal relaxation tool as many like to distract themselves from their respective sources of stress, which in itself can help put things in perspective by making things seem a bit clearer. There is also so many entertaining things about books. As I said, they can give you a good laugh or a good cry, and a good book can make you forget about what’s going on in the outside world. One of my favourite reasons for reading, is *shock horror*, you might ACTUALLY learn something! There is a book on almost any subject you want to learn about, from cooking, to DIY, to learning a language. There are so many things that you could learn from doing a bit of reading, including language skills and proper use of grammar can be acquired from regular reading.

It’s also really important to read the news because reading makes you think about things and makes you more aware of what’s happening outside of your own little bubble. Some people have now idea what is happening in the outside world, simply because they don’t even bother to pick up a newspaper or take a look at a newspapers website (the New Zealand Herald and the Waikato Times have good news websites). I visit these websites at least 3 times a day, as I am always interested on what is happening on a local, national and international scale. Current events should be high on everybody’s priority list, because it is a very interesting discussion point with people. I’ve always found it quite interesting saying to people “Hey, have you seen *enter news story here*, What do you think?’, because current events always strikes up so many viewpoints in different people, that it’s always so interesting hearing what other people think of certain topics and how those topics effect them in personally.

It will not kill you to do a bit of reading every once in a while. In fact, it might benefit you in some way to read a bit more. Go and get a bunch of short stories out. Hop on to the newspaper in your local area. It shouldn’t be that hard to turn off the TV for half an hour before dinner to have a bit of quiet reading time, or spend 10 minutes on newspaper website to keep up with the changing world around us. You never know. You might learn something if you bother to read every once in a while.


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