Hospitals :/

Today after class, I went off to visit my boyfriend’s sister in hospital. In order to cheer her up a little (because lets face it, being in hospital is no fun in the slightest), I thought it would be nice to take her along a new little friend to keep her company when she’s alone (a new little teddy bear). I was so happy to see her light up when she saw me come along to keep her company for a while.

Waikato Hospital is notorious for the round about way the hospital is set up in. It took me about 20 minutes just to find the ward that his sister was in, but praise the Lord when I did, because it meant I got a break from running around on my feet. After finally finding the young lady in her ward, I had a lot of fun having a bit of girly fun with her watching TV and having good ol’ Girly Chats with her (like I do with all the girls in my bf’s family 🙂 ). When dinner came for her and the Nurse came in to proceed with the nightly routine, I took this as my prompt to head on home for the evening, although the trip to find my car was a different story. Took me another 20 minutes to get back to my car as the lifts from inside the hospital did not go to the area in which my car was park, so the easiest way for me to find my way back to my car would be to find the exit to the hospital and to find my car (-_-). Thank goodness that I finally managed to get myself out of that rabbit burrow -_-.

This ads to why I am not overly fond of hospitals (not that many people are). Some of my earliest memories involve hospitals, including when my Grandfather started getting unwell. Although I was so young when he was sick (I was only 4 when he passed), and had spend some time in hospital before he passed on, simply because of an illness that he had been diagnosed with, but had been never been informed of (why my grandmother didn’t complain about this, I will never know).

Hospitals Suck, no matter what way you look at them :/



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