The Mediocre Renaissance Man

This has got to be my most ironic post (especially following my previous one), my most controversial post, or perhaps my most naive post.

As I posted in my Favorite Quotes blog, I’m not too impressed with the human race these days. Frankly, I’m concerned. And watching the news doesn’t help.

Lately the news has been full of a bunch of political nonsense peppered with stories about this Trayvon Martin shooting case (<- link to the Wikipedia page in case you live under a rock and want to get spun up).

Frankly, I am not very well versed in all of the facts surrounding this case (I haven’t even read the Wikipedia article I linked to), nor do I claim to be. Obviously it’s still an open case, so nobody can truly claim to know all of the facts, but here is what has been bothering me.

Not long ago I saw…

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