Microsoft Phone Scam

about 20 minutes ago, we received a phone call asking for my father. The call was from ‘Microsoft Service Department’, offering us free updates for our computer. After my brother receiving a similar phone call about 6 months ago at home, we were on high alert. Creepily enough, the first time they called when my brother answered, they somehow knew he was lying when he said that we didn’t have any computers. They even knew how many computers we owned :/.

Knowing that this has happened to many other people, I decided to do a little research for it. All the information comes from varying dates, from as soon as November 2011, to as early as 2009, which revealed to me that these things have been going on for quite some time, but they’ve only seemed to gain publicity over these calls in the past year or so. These people are highly dangerous and will try and con you into ‘free updates’ or ‘free virus checks’ (or something of this nature) in order to gain access to you computer. By gaining access to your computer, they will steal details such as email log in details and your online banking log in details. So everyone, please, PLEASE do not listen to these people. jst hang up straight away so these people will not take advantage of you.


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