Justice and Comparisons

There has been a lot of talk on the social networking website Twitter, comparing the death of American teenager Treyvon Martin to reality TV star Kim Kardashian being flour bombed at an event to promote her new perfume. There are those who are complaining about how George Zimmerman has not been charged with the murder of Treyvon Martin, yet the woman who threw the flour bomb at Kim Kardashian was arrested on the spot. I would like to take this time and point out something out to some people concerned about this matter.

First of all, people saw Kim Kardashian get flour bombed. People also saw the woman responsible flour bomb her, so it was much easier for police to act on this than it was for the police to act on George Zimmerman ‘murdering’ Treyvon Martin (I use quotation marks, as I believe in innocence until guilt is proven, and George Zimmerman has yet to have his guilt proven in a court of law). Since there were fewer, if any witnesses to the death of Treyvon Martin, the investigation into his death is a lot more difficult than it is for the flour bombing of Kim Kardashian.

Second of all, are people REALLY comparing the death of a 17 year old boy to some chick having a baking ingredient thrown at her?


3 thoughts on “Justice and Comparisons

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