Crash Bandicoot – This is your life


Find me someone who has never played Crash Bandicoot. Go on, I dare you. Chances are, you can’t do it. After 15 years on the market and 50 million units sold worldwide, it’s hard to find someone that hasn’t been touched by this furry little critter back in the good old primo gaming days of the 90’s

After having a little play around with a tablet computer today that had Crash Bandicoot 1 installed as one of the apps, I’d come to appreciate what a marketable series Crash Bandicoot had become. From putting the game onto a tablet computer, a much loved part of gaming history has been made to reach people in a new and improved way.

The story begins on 31 August 1996 with the release of ‘Crash Bandicoot’. This was the start of something big as it was the first non-Japanese game to be a commercial success in the country, selling over 500,000 copies and would later go on to become one of the highest selling video game of all time and the start of an equally high selling video game series.

Then next installment of the popular platform series (Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back) came on 31 October 1997 to much anticipation. This game reached the expectations of Crash fans and has since sold more than 5 million units as a result of the wide spread fan base of the first game.

The third installment of the series was Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Released on 31 October 1998, it received almost universal acclaim, citing it’s graphics and audio were exceptional and was one of the most well reviewed games of the year.

The last game in the Crash Bandicoot HeyDey was Crash Team Racing, released on 30 September 1999. The final release of the Naughty Dog Development phase received generally favorable reviews, cited as being the game that made go karting games cool.

Following Crash Team Racing, Naughty Dog ceased developing the Crash Bandicoot series. As a result, Crash Bandicoot declined in popularity and sales due to the series not remaining true to the original games, despite selling 50 million units overall.

Crash Bandicoot, This is your life.


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