‘The Help’ and what I should be doing instead of watching that movie.

While I should be using more time and less caffeinated beverages on my HF500 and PD500/PP400/PP513 assignments and studying for my DT500 and my SO500 tests in the next few days, I’m busy watching the Help (again!). I still find it absolutely fascinating how different people’s views were so much as 40-50 years ago and that the world I live in has a highly different attitude to people who lived in a world 50 years ago.


Even females such as myself were treated as second class citizens (and still treated like this in many parts of the world). Although I live in a country that was the first to award women the right to vote, I still feel like women are treated unequally to men. In New Zealand, women still earn 12% less than men do, which in a way is a big matter for me as I am studying in the IT business (commonly a male dominated work force). Many have noted that women are a lot more aggressive in the workforce. I do think that there’s some truth in this, as many women think that they do have to work a lot harder to get to where they want to go, even if it is for less pay.


So makes me wonder. Why do I bother studying what I am? Because I’ll get paid just as well as any man? I don’t think so. But I will say this; I do it because I love it and enjoy it, and that I hope for a better tomorrow for people like myself who still have a way to go to be treated the same as everyone else


2 thoughts on “‘The Help’ and what I should be doing instead of watching that movie.

  1. I totaly agree babe ,an also chilvary is dead which annoys the hell out of me .whats the world come to?

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